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Book and Lyrics by Angela Masi
Music and Orchestrations
 by Dillon Feldman
Directed by Catriona R
Music Direction by Natasha Gonzalez

Choreography  by Michael Scanelli
Produced by Angela Masi


A note from
the director

When I sit down to think about the magical and beautiful world that Angela and Dillon have so carefully and intricately created in Allerleirauh, I am always brought back to the one central theme - of protection. What we do to protect those around us, those we love and the spaces we trust to be safe. So I ask you now, to take a moment to think about the lengths you would go to, and what you would give up to protect someone you love. 


For me, as a mother to a small human, I think about the things I have already given up to protect him. Whether that’s as simple as a night out with friends or a job turned down so I could be with him. Yet protection is more than just these materialistic things. It’s about protecting the bond with that person, the love that you share and the life that you’re building for them. 


This leads me back to the Builder and the journey she has undergone to protect her daughter, herself, her creativity and her kingdom. Her fierce, headstrong tenacity drives her to extreme lengths, and I become overwhelmed  thinking about how I may not possess the same strengths she has, but then this all comes back to that need to protect ourselves and our hearts and the magic we all have inside of us that drives us to do the things we need to do. Believe in yourself. Protect yourself. Your strength. Your worth. Your heart. 


Coming onto this project was a wild adventure - workshopping and rehearsing a new musical with only a few days to execute everything forced me as a director to take a step back and allow my actors to shine and guide the piece, again, while all the time protecting the intentions and message Angela crafted. I’m grateful for this ride we are all on, and look forward to sharing it with you all. 

Thank you to our sponsors!
Haus Remodeling
Howard J Fischer MD

Rosemary Benson
Lauren Butterfield 
Amanda and Michael Cox

Marc G Dalio
Christopher Gould
Tomo Lovric
Oscar Mendez 
Jeff Sessleberg
John Sheppard
Lora Wilson 
  Kathryn Wright

The Band

Vince Novellino - Violin

Katya Barmotina - Viola

Alice Sutain - Cello

Emma Reinhart - Woodwinds

Blair Hamrick - Horn

Dave D'aranjo - Bass

Andy Buslovich - Guitar

Steve Plesnarski - Percussion

Writer's Note

This is draft four of the writer's note. First, I wrote about the show, which seemed redundant, since you're about to see it. Then I wrote about the trauma of early parenthood, which seemed a little heavy-handed. Take three was a bunch of gobbledygook letters jumbled together as I tried to decide what to put here: The Great Big Scary Obligatory Blank Page.

So for draft four, I've decided that the best thing to do is allow the work to speak for itself. It's out in the world now, a living breathing thing completely separate from myself, and that is for the best. You are the next chapter in the story of this show, not me. I look forward to where this adventure will take us.

Thank-you's aren't hugely fun to read, but these are the reason we can all be here tonight. This has taken a village and everyone deserves to be acknowledged for the part they've played. 

To Dillon, Cat, Claire, Natasha and Michael. If you ever need anything done, literally anything, ask them. It will be fantastic.

To Sofia and Veronica for their courage, and the many many many people who sacrificed to enable them to share their gifts with us today.

To my cast and crew, those whom I have known for years, and for those coming in brand new with open hearts and minds. Note to self and others: Whatever your casting next, these are the people you want. Hire all of them. For everything.

To my family and friends who have covered for me, put up with me, missed me and wanted to kill me on and off for the last nine months. 

To Amanda, who made me do this.

To Kathleen and Beth, who are very quiet, but very, very mighty. 

Soli Deo Gloria

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