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William Shakespeare. One of the world’s greatest dramatists whose words live within our lexicon. Who created iconic heroes and villains, lovers and fools. Whose works have been performed across the globe. A legend for all time. 


Our brave players of BOOKWORM THEATRICS will do the unimaginable: perform all plays and all their characters in one heart-stopping, monumental performance. Their feat will put the Royal Shakespeare Company to shame, shutter the Globe, and Stratford-upon-Avon will want to relocate to New Jersey. All because this company, these performers will bring to you the finest, most faithful, most wondrous event of our age...


Well, at the very least it’ll be funny...

Coming this summer, the hit comedy The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) [Revised]!  This 90 minute romp through (or perhaps all over) the works of Billy the Bard will be lighting up stages, parks, restaurants and completely random places all over New York, New Jersey and Connecticut! We're also touring school districts and first responder stations as a major thank you to our teachers, school staff and first responders who have done so much for us this year! Check in June 1 for a list of venues. 

Do you own a non-traditional venue or work in a school that would like to partner us for a show this summer? shoot us an e-mail at!

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